Gaelic Storm

I wanted to jump to a more recent band for my second post in Irish Music.  This band is Gaelic Storm.  They were formed in California in 1996.  Although formed here in the United States, their music has a vast amount of celtic influence.  At the core of the group are Patrick Murphy and Steve Twigger.  Patrick was born and raised in Ireland, and his parents live in County Cork now.  Steve was born in England.  The other current members of the band are Ryan Lacey (an American from California), Pete Purvis (a Canadian from Ottawa), and Jessie Burns(who grew up in England to her American mother and London-Irish father).  The range of instruments is astounding as well.  They have guitar, a bodhran, Irish whistles, fiddles, an accordion, a mandolin, highland pipes and uillean pipes, and even a harmonica now and then.

They have so many great songs it is hard for me to pick a few to show you all in this post.

This is one of my absolute favorites though…..It combines some ‘Irishisms’ so to speak, and uses some great music.  Its fantastic.


Gaelic Storm has been around for 15 years now, and actually just released their most recent album, Chicken Boxer, in July of 2012. It is their ninth album.  It adds to the list of great album names from Gaelic Storm including; Herding Cats, Bring Yer Wellies, What’s the Rumpus?, and How are we Getting Home?.  They tour quite extensively now, but it is quite interesting how they really got their start.  Some of you may remember the movie Titanic.  And if so, you may also remember the ‘Third Class Party’ scene down below decks where there was dancing and Irish music.  The Titanic was built in Belfast, Northern Ireland after all.  Gaelic Storm was the band on the ship playing the tune. They have a song called ‘Titanic Set’ as well.


Just to post 2 more of their songs:  The first below is called ‘Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story’.  The second is a hilarious little lesson about going out to the pub and how it is quite difficult to go out for just one drink.    Enjoy.

I hope you take the time to look into their albums and other songs.  They are a great band and have an excellent variety from their own music to covers of traditional songs.  Slainte.


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