Waking Ned Devine

As I said, the first of my Irish movie posts will be on Waking Ned Devine.

The movie is from 1998 and stars Ian Bannen and David Kelly as Jackie O’Shea and Michael O’Sullivan.  David Kelly just passed away in February of this year, which is around the time I first watched this movie. I’ll try with this and the other posts not to give away to much of the movie (because I want you to be able to watch and enjoy for yourself!).

The movie revolves around a drawing for the Irish lotto.  The main characters live in a very small town in Ireland and discover that one of their own townsfolk have won the prize.  They, pushed on mostly by Jackie O’Shea, set on a quest to find the winner and befriend him or her before they realize they’ve won the prize in hopes of sharing in the money.  Throughout their search, Jackie discovers the winner to be Ned Devine.  Unfortunately for Jackie, however, Ned is quite unable to collect on the winning ticket much less share the wealth with anyone.

Thus ensues a grand scheme to collect the prize money (which they learn is quite more of a substantial amount than they originally thought or could have ever imagined)  which involves the entire town of unique and quirky characters.   They must all come together to convince the ‘lotto man’ from the city they are rightly entitled to claiming the prize.

It is considered a comedy and rightly so with many funny moments and memorable quotes.  It also uses one of my favorite Irish songs at its conclusion and through the credits which sums it all up quite nicely.

I hope you enjoy this movie as much as I do!

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