The Quays

Perhaps the most touristy of all pubs in Galway is The Quays, pronounced ‘Keys’.  This does not make it any less fun or exciting.  It is quite a large pub once inside, a very misleading discovery considering the front isn’t that intimidating.

There are two doors on the front side of the pub.  One leads you immediately to a bar on your left.  The other to a small landing overlooking the main floor, on which there is the largest of the 3 bar areas in the pub. If you enter along the left side, there is a small, cozy nook to sit with a bookshelf along it.  This small path leads to the upper balcony area of the pub in the back as well. This is where the third of the 3 bars is located along with the stage, of sorts, that the band plays on.  The band’s stage overlooks the main floor of The Quays, which makes any area in the pub a great one to listen to the music.  There is also a lower level off of the main floor with plenty more seating for dining.  As with all the pubs, the walls are decorated quite lavishly, which really adds to the feel of this pub in particular.  The atmosphere is great, especially when the band is playing.

Although the drinks were a little on the pricey side at The Quays, it is absolutely worth going to as we did on many occasions.  It also helped that this pub was the closest to our apartment in the city.  Just across our street and down a little back alley along a little building/area we called the archaeological dig (if you’ve been to Galway you know what I mean) and the side of The Quays itself and we were there.  A journey of no more than 2 minutes.

Talk about convenience.  But in reality, a huge percentage of the city, and any pub we could ever want to venture into was less than a 5 minute walk away.  That is the true beauty of the city of Galway.

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