The King’s Head

The next installment of my Irish Pub series will focus on ‘The King’s Head’.  This is an excellent pub (but its hard to say any pub in Galway isn’t excellent).  It is an incredibly historic building, with an inscription of 1612 over a fireplace as you walk in the door.  It takes its name from the beheading of Charles I of England.  It also has multiple floors.  Right at the main entrance you can choose to head upstairs or into the main floor area.  There is a slightly narrow path with the bar on the left wrapping into the stage area and a few tables on the right.  There is a substantial stage where there are plenty of live music choices throughout the week.  Where Taaffe’s and some other places have more traditional music, The King’s Head has more variety and a larger area to accommodate a larger, more full band.  You can sit right up against the stage or along the bar on the first floor and there isn’t a bad seat in the house.  The upper level is just as fun.  There is a balcony that overlooks the stage so you can get a great view of the band from the upper level as well. There is also plenty of seating upstairs so this pub can handle quite the crowd.

We spent many evenings in The King’s Head, including one watching the Irish national soccer team take on France in the World Cup group matches in 2009.  We were dressed in our Irish jerseys standing side by side with the Irish and even some French fans watching the game go back and forth. As you may, or may not, remember France won the game partly due to a very controversial goal resulting from a very clear handball.  The reaction in the pub as the game concluded was one of the most intense sports related atmospheres I have ever experienced.  I’m sure it was quite uncomfortable to be in the minority, that is fans of the French team, after the conclusion of the game in such a controversial way.

As a side note to the pub atmosphere of The King’s Head, they also have quite a delicious menu to choose from.  I made a point to try the seafood chowder at as many restaurants/pubs in Ireland as possible and The King’s Head is absolutely in my top 3.

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