Irish Movies

I am going to start a series of posts on Irish Movies, or as the Irish may call them Films (Fil-ums). Sorry for the little joke there, but I do love the different words that the Irish have for everyday things.   There are plenty of Irish movies, both new and old that are definitely worth watching.  There will be movies set in Ireland, about Ireland, with Irish actors/actresses, and movies where the Irish or Ireland itself plays a role.  I’ll cover movies from The Quiet Man to PS I Love You. (I know it’s a romantic comedy, but it’s still Irish and deserves mention). I want to expand the list of Irish movies that I have seen, because admittedly I havent seen as many as I would like to.  One of my favorite pubs, yes the same one where I watched the All Ireland matches and had my Irish Breakfasts all through September, usually has a winter movie series where they play a different Irish movie each week.   If they are doing that this year I will review those movies each week, but until then I’ll begin with the movies that come to mind.

Stay tuned for the first one, which will be ‘Waking Ned Devine’.  Mostly because it is on today as I am writing this post, but also because it is quite funny too!

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3 Responses to Irish Movies

  1. Katie RIley says:

    I believe I deserve a proper shout out for leading you on to ‘Waking Ned Devine’. Just saying 😛

    • hayes17 says:

      Very very true. As with a handfull of my Irish experiences post living in Ireland, I have Miss Riley to thank. Especially in this case with Waking Ned. Thanks Katie!

  2. Katie RIley says:

    Not a bother, I’m most pleased to help!

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