An ‘Irish’ Breakfast

This post will be one of a few that will focus on Irish food.  This series will be both on traditional Irish foods and also based on my experience living in Ireland and the differences I found between food there and back here in the United States.

First and foremost will be the Irish Breakfast.  It is something we became quite fond of while living in Galway.  Iv also been able to have my fair share of them back here in the states. (mostly while watching All Ireland Football and Hurling games throughout September)  It is a unique twist on breakfast and is much more than we may be used to as breakfast in the US.  There are many versions of it, in terms of what is included and how it is prepared, but I will give a generalization based on the variety I was able to get in Galway.

I was also able to order the Irish sausage and bacon (bangers and rashers) so that I could make my own.  I wanted to treat my family to their very own Irish breakfast last Christmas morning.  It was a great success. Although there are some elements missing, I omitted them simply because I was not particularly fond of them.  It is very possible to get ahold of all the ingredients and make your very own Irish Breakfast!

My breakfast included: Real Irish Butter, some orange juice, an Irish Coffee (which I will get into in a post about Irish Drinks), some toast, eggs, rashers, bangers, hash browns, and beans.  These were the elements that I enjoy the most, which is why I included them when I made breakfast.

Exclusions to my breakfast included black and white pudding (again I will get into this in another post), mushrooms, and a tomato.

Hopefully you can enjoy (or even make your own) an Irish Breakfast soon!


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