Happy Arthur’s Day!

As I said earlier this afternoon, today is Arthur’s Day 2012! What a glorious event this day commemorates. 253 years ago this year, in 1759, Arthur Guinness signed the famous 9000 year lease on the St. James Gate Brewery in Dublin.

The idea of Arthur’s Day was started in 2009, marking the 250th anniversary of the signing.  This just happened to be the semester I studied abroad in Ireland.  Pure luck, right!  The celebration was the most insane thing I have witnessed.  The streets of Galway were packed side to side, and everyone had a pint to raise, awaiting the time of 5:59pm ( to celebrate the year 1759. 1759 being 5:59pm in the 24hr time format).  Each year the celebration has expanded with numerous bands playing throughout the day in Dublin.

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2 Responses to Happy Arthur’s Day!

  1. I’ve never been to Ireland – but would love to visit. Guinness is always a treat to me and I can’t imagine how beautiful the rolling green hills and quaint towns look in real life. This blog has reminded me of why the people I know who’ve travelled to Ireland make an effort to return.

    • hayes17 says:

      You should absolutely go! But wait until 2013….there is a nationwide(in Ireland) movement called ‘The Gathering’ in which the Irish government is trying to get as many people to visit Ireland as possible throughout 2013.

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