All Ireland Football Final : Results

Well,  another Gaelic Football season is in the books and the winner from Sunday was……… Donegal! Congrats to the Donegal team and all their dedicated fans! It was a well-played match and Donegal definitely deserved to win(Even though I was wearing a Mayo jersey for the game).  They simply outplayed Mayo, even scoring a goal in the first few minutes to jump ahead.  This was Donegal’s second championship win in as many tries in the final.  Unfortunately for Mayo, this just adds to their list of defeats in the finals over the past 60 years.

After the match I was told of a supposed curse on the Mayo team I will be sure to research more and add later.  It is much like any such curse on a sports team or city that we are so familiar with here in the states.  It is quite farfetched but I’ll be sure to find out more if for no other reason than for the entertainment value it brings.

Remember, next weekend holds the replay match for the All Ireland Hurling Final between Galway and Kilkenny.

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