All Ireland Football Final

This upcoming weekend is another important one in the world of Irish Sports!  This time around, it is for the All Ireland Football Final.  It is being held on Sunday, September 23rd. Gaelic football is an incredibly interesting sport that has elements of all of the sports that we in the US are so accustomed to.  There is a bit of soccer, American football, a touch of both basketball and volleyball, and some rugby.  Confused yet? Be sure to check it out.  Ill post a great tutiorial video.

This is the 125th All Ireland Senior championship. To put that in perspective, this February will hold the NFL’s Superbowl XLVII (47).

The two participants in this years final will be Mayo and Donegal.  I will dive deeper into each teams history later this week.  Neither of the two finalists from last year are in this years final as well.  As with the All Ireland Hurling Final (which is still set for a replay September 30th), I am heavily rooting for one team over the other, as will most of my teammates who I  watch the game with.

Did I fail to mention that I also play Gaelic football? There is no better way to get my dose of Ireland back in the states than to play its national sport after all! Ill be sure to talk about that this week too.

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