All Ireland Hurling Final, Part 2

Well, if you weren’t able to catch the game or didn’t look up the final score, here it is.  The game ended Galway 2-13 Kilkenny 0-19.  That’s right, a draw. (2 goals and 13 points is the same as 19 points; 1 goal = 3 points)  It literally came down to the last second as Galway scored a point in extra time to tie it back up.

Galway went into the half with a 5 point lead, but let it slip away throughout second half play.  This created an interesting, albeit somewhat anticlimactic finish.  The Irish do not simply play an overtime period as we in the United States are accustomed to in our sports. They have a replay. This means that they play the entire match over at a later date, September 30th.  I will of course keep you all posted on that match, but in the meantime there is another final to discuss.

The All Ireland Football Final is being held Sunday September 23rd.  I will be posting details about Gaelic Football and the two contenders in the week to come.  As was the case with the Hurling final, I will have my clear favorite (as will many of my teammates).

More to come in the world of Irish Sports!! Stay tuned.

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